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The Wrens of Massachusetts

Oct 27th, 2010 Posted in Bird Houses | no comment »

Wrens of the Great State of Massachusetts

MA is the northern extreme for several of the North American wren species. The southern portion of Massachusetts is a year round home for Carolina Wrens. And the Marsh Wren makes its winter home year round in the southern climes of MA. In the summer time, the Marsh Wren will migrate into the rest of the state.

Two other Massachusetts wren species also live in the state

  • Winter Wrens
  • House Wrens

Winter Wrens are year round residents. The Winter Wren’s diet of mostly insects allows it to survive rough winters by foraging for them in bark and rotting wood.

House Wrens are warm summer month visitors. This little bird is mostly brown and the lighter colored streak over the eye is not nearly as prevalent as in other wrens so it might be a little harder to identify.

Next time we’ll discuss the wrens of Michigan.