The Wrens of Illinois

Wrens of the Great State of Illinois

Illinois can proudly claim 5 of the 9 North American wren species as residents.

  • Winter Wrens
  • Sedge Wrens
  • Carolina Wrens
  • House Wrens
  • Marsh Wrens

Carolina Wrens are no surprise here. They are found year round just about everywhere in the eastern U.S., with the exception of the far northern reaches. The northern boundary of Illinois makes up the outer limit of where Carolina Wrens live. This is a noisy little bird with a distinctive call. If you want to hear what a Carolina wren’s call sounds like you can hear on the Cornell Ornithology website by clicking here. Scroll about half way down the page to ‘Typical Voice’.

Sedge Wrens also make a summer home in Illinois. Generally they can be found in the summertime in the northern 3/4 of the state. During the migration seasons they can be also be seen traversing the southern 1/4 of Illinois.

Winter Wrens on the other hand, make the northern 1/3 of the state a migration route in the Spring and Fall, but spend their winters throughout the southern 2/3 of Illinois.

Rounding out Illinois’ wrens are House Wrens and Marsh Wrens. House Wrens are Summer residents throughout the state. Marsh Wrens are also Summer visitors everywhere with the exception of the southernmost tip of Illinois. There Marsh Wrens can be seen only on their migration routes in the Spring and Fall.

Next time we’ll try our best to tell you about Indiana Wrens and make it sound different than this post, although that may not be easy, if you know what we mean.

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