The Wrens of Minnesota

Wrens of the Great State of Minnesota

What should you plan on watching for in the way of wrens if you are so lucky as to do some wren watching in Minnesota? The most likely candidates would be

  • House Wrens during the summer months
  • Winter Wrens during the migratory months

The extreme northeastern areas of Minnesota should have some nesting Winter Wrens in the summertime, and the extreme northwestern section of the state probably won’t see Winter Wrens at any time during the year. Minnesota is a little too far to the northwest to have much luck in finding Carolina Wrens.

House Wrens should be visible across the entire state of Minnesota during the summer months if you are in their habitat. Look for them in heavily wooded areas with fairly heavy underbrush. You could help out the cause by providing them with some shelter, like these free wood birdhouse plans.

You can also find

  • Sedge Wrens
  • Marsh Wrens

in Minnesota during the summer months. There habitats are going to be a little more challenging for casual wren watching so be sure to bring along the proper gear.

In the next post we’ll head to the South and talk about the wrens that can be found in Mississippi.

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