The Wrens of Michigan

Wrens of the Great State of Michigan

MI Wrens include

  • Carolina Wrens
  • Sedge Wrens
  • House Wrens
  • Winter Wrens
  • Marsh Wrens

We spent several days just south of the Upper Peninsula last summer at a beautiful summer home on a small sports lake. Naturally I was on the lookout for wrens and their habitat. It was pretty disappointing, being out in the country in what would appear to be an ideal setting for wren watching and not only did we not see a wren, there were hardly any birds at all of any variety in the area we were staying. The place we were staying was heavily wooded with fairly heavy underbrush so it would have seemed like a favorable environment for bird watching.

Marsh Wrens are big migrators and Michigan benefits from the migration by being a home to Marsh Wrens in the summer months. House Wrens are another major summertime migrator. They spend most of the winter in the far south, but in the summer, House Wrens are visitors to Michigan.

The ubiquitous little Carolina Wren seems to be just about everywhere in the eastern half of the U.S., but it doesn’t like the Michigan climate so much. You might find some Carolina Wrens in the southern extremes of MI at any time of the year, but you’ll probably have to search far and wide.

Michigan winters are a little too harsh for most North American Wrens, so they will mostly be found there during the beautiful summer months in the state. Two other summertime residents include Sedge Wrens, that can be found throughout the state in the summer, and Winter Wrens, that seem to like the northern half of the state, including the Upper Peninsula, in the summer time. The southern portion of Michigan do some bird watching for Winter Wrens during their Spring and Fall migrations.

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Next time, the wrens of Minnesota.

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